Jeff Hatfield is Endorsed By

Dave Wedding
Vanderburgh County Sheriff

Brad Ellsworth
Former US Congressman

Ben Shoulders
Vanderburgh County Comissioner

Bill Pedtke
Southwestern Indiana Builders Association

Paul Green

Kathryn Martin
Knight Township Trustee

Ryan Hatfield
IN State Representative

Economic Development & Jobs

Together my wife, Jerri, and I built our business from the ground up. After three decades in business and several economic downturns, I know firsthand the impact on our businesses and families when politics get in the way of commonsense solutions. As your county commissioner, I will be laser-focused on economic development that improves our quality of life and bringing businesses to Vanderburgh County that value their employees.

Public Safety & Jail Expansion

It is imperative that public safety remain a priority. I will work with Sheriff Dave Wedding to ensure our streets are safe, our schools are protected, and our law enforcement officers have the resources they need to fight the growing drug epidemic. In order to keep us safe, we must expand our jail and provide needed resources for drug and mental health treatment services.

Our Roads

Too many of our roads have been neglected for too long. We must invest in our transportation infrastructure if we expect to be safe on the road, keep our cost of living down, and attract new business. Poor infrastructure results in safety hazards, costly vehicle repairs, and lost opportunity for our businesses. The State of Indiana recently passed a transportation bill that will provide us with more resources to fix our crumbling roads, we must take a business approach to spending these tax dollars efficiently.