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As a Citizen

Jeff Hatfield was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1961 and lived within walking distance of Saint Benedict’s, Reitz Memorial High School, and University of Evansville, graduating from all three.

Being the son of State Senator Paul Hatfield, and mother, Betty, Jeff grew up in a political household. The family television provided another wide window into that arena. Though Jeff enjoyed Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or the Disney movie of the week, he sat riveted to the TV during the long hot summer of 1973 as Walter Cronkite led the country through the scandal of the Watergate hearings. Later, he would find himself fascinated by both John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy’s campaigns and subsequent assassinations, and the tempestuous unfolding of the civil rights movement.  He was particularly drawn to the Kennedys—he admired their empathy, compassion and devotion to public service for the American people.

Inspired by how his social studies teacher, Leo Schultheis, brought civics, history and politics to life, Jeff learned at an early age how a civic-minded person could make a difference in his community.

At 23 years old, Jeff worked as a laborer on a concrete crew. With a young family to support, Jeff decided he would build his first spec home.  With the support of his wife, Jerri, his brothers and parents, Jeff founded the custom homebuilding company Hatfield Brothers in 1984.  Jeff worked long hard hours.  He spent evenings making countless phone calls, meeting customers on holidays, and working seven days a week.  As the residential home venture thrived, Jeff began to also devote his time and talents to the Southern Indiana Builders Association.  He eventually became president in 1993. He also became the organization’s first recipient of the Leaders and Legends award in 2003.

In 1999, Jeff landed his first commercial project and Hatfield Brothers evolved into Core Contractors, Inc., a representation of the commitment to both commercial and residential projects.  To this day, Jeff and Jerri, the heart and soul of Core Contractors, Inc. focus on commercial remodeling projects.

Throughout the evolution of his successful contracting business, Jeff has served Evansville and Vanderburgh County in a variety of ways that uniquely position him to be an effective and successful commissioner.  He has served on the Vanderburgh County Area Plan Commission, Vanderburgh County Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Evansville Parks Foundation. He has served on the transition teams for two Evansville mayors and is a member of the Evansville Rotary Club.

Jeff and his wife, Jerri, regularly attend Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church, where Jeff is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the A-Men’s Club.   He is an active member of All Saints Parish and a participant in CAJE: Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment.  He has two sons, Jeffrey and James.  Jeffrey is a deputy with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office.  Jeffrey and his wife, Allison, have two children.  James is in the US Coast Guard Reserve and works in the real estate industry. He and his wife, Abril, have one very spoiled dog, Maslow. 

In his off time, Jeff takes Jerri, his wife of 35 years out on dates, attends tea parties with his granddaughter, rides his lawnmower and sometimes even gets a quick nap in his recliner.

As a Commissioner

Jeff follows his heart and his head when it comes to politics. 

The core values that he so admired in his historical political heroes of yesteryear fueled his desire to find a place in public service in which he could do the most good for his neighbors throughout Vanderburgh County. He decided it was time to run for county commissioner. 

Jeff’s intent as commissioner is to build a firm foundation for both safe neighborhoods and economic growth in Vanderburgh County.  His focus will be on maintaining and improving the infrastructure, making Vanderburgh County more attractive to future economic growth.  He wants to grow jobs locally and make sure that those jobs provide a good living wage and opportunities for advancement.

Jeff supports the new jail expansion, but also believes it is equally important to invest our efforts in treating the underlying causes of crime—mental health and drug addiction. Through this dual approach, Jeff intends to advocate for much needed resources for our struggling population while keeping our neighborhoods secure.

Jeff’s main reason for running is perhaps a selfish one; he wants his children and grandchildren to make their homes in a safe and economically prosperous Vanderburgh County.

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